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Can you generate B2B leads with Linkedin?

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: Yes, just not as quickly or easily as we'd all prefer.

A lot has changed since its launch in 2002. According to Linkedin there are now 706 million users across 200+ countries: But many business leaders view Linkedin as a just tool for job hunters and recruiters; good to have a presence to tick a box, but not worth greater effort to generate B2B leads.

There are low cost tactics ideally suited to SMEs, to create and sustain an effective presence on Linkedin.


Identify target prospects

Define search criteria such as job title, industry, company size and location.

Create a relevant message

Each target group has a bespoke message to appeal directly to their role and industry.

Connect and Engage

Engage your target audience, enable them to see your value.

Focus on target prospects

About Us

A focused team with Experience

Rob Fossett is the Managing Director of RF Lead Generation Ltd. He has 20 years of B2B lead generation experience using multiple channels for a wide variety of clients.

The team consists of campaign planners, delivery managers and content writers, all of them focused on delivering value.

We help you find the right prospects and deliver the right messages.





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